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During my 8th grade year, I had to write an autobiography for my English class. I wrote a fairly long biography (the longest in the class!) and got an A on it. (The teacher wasn't the happiest about having to read that much more text... ;-) However, I saw it as such a good writing, I decided to distribute it to the world.

You might be interested to know that at first, this was my web site. The original reason I began a web site back in 1996 was to publish this autobiography. At the time I was fairly inexperienced with HTML and only knew what I'd learned from reading others' code and experimenting. My HTML knowledge has developed over the last 6 years and so has this site. Please enjoy this and all the other areas of my website and send along any comments you have!

Click on any chapter below to read my autobiography. Below the Contents is a download link if you wish to download my autobiography in plain text format.

Flint Million:
The Story of a Legally Blind,
Adopted Child
who was Born in South Korea

Table of Contents

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