Chapter 5
My Life in School

I BEGAN eighth grade at Dakota Meadows Middle School earlier this year. I've been to Roosevelt Elementary school, Garfield Elementary, and I started at Dakota Meadows Middle school last year. Next year I'll be going to West high school.

Before elementary school I went to three different preschools. First I went to the Open Arms preschool. After that I attended Partners & Care, but I ended up at the Children's House preschool.

Since kindergarten, I've been attending school in District 77.

I attended Roosevelt Elementary School from kindergarten through fifth grade. The names of my homeroom teachers were: Mrs. Obernolte (Kindergarten), Mrs. Houston (1st grade), Mrs. Hanson (2nd grade), Mrs. Ruby (3rd grade), Mrs. Graham (4th grade), and Mrs. Friday (5th grade.)

I broke bones in my body twice during my attendance at Roosevelt. I broke my collar bone in first grade. In second grade I broke my arm, and you'll be reading about that later.

I also participated in the science fair in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. You can read more about that in the chapter called The Scientist Side of Flint Million.

In 5th grade I became the Student Council Vice President. My campaign speech was a song, sung to the tune of 'Downtown'. Of course, I played it on the piano. The entire school applauded.

The next year I went to Garfield Elementary School for one year. It was my 6th grade year. My teacher there was named Mrs. Bell. I also had Mrs. Bell for English. For a while that year I was also in an advanced math class.

Sixth grade really marked my usage of computers for daily assignments. I got a Macintosh laptop in November of that year and used it for the rest of 6th grade.

The next year I went to Dakota Meadows Middle School, which is where I've been for the past two years. Next year I'll be able to go to West high school, which is within walking distance from my home.

I took the Special Ed bus to school while I attended Roosevelt. My parents got the bus company to let me ride the regular school bus to Garfield along with all the other kids in the neighborhood. Since then I've been walking to the bus stop and taking the school bus every day. Sometimes I've even taken the Mankato City bus to the Downtown Mankato Place to attend piano lessons after school.

Overall, my school experiences have been pretty okay. There were bad times and god times like for everybody. But it was overall pretty good.

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