Chapter 10
My Magic Fingers

I'VE heard the story from my parents many times of how my piano career began. I seemed to like to listen to music from the very start. When I was two years old my parents bought me a small electric keyboard to play with. A few days later my mom heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star coming out of the living room and she wondered who was playing the keyboard. When she entered the room she was surprised to see me actually playing the keyboard. I learned how to play many nursery songs on that little keyboard. When I was three years old my parents enrolled me at the Suzuki School of Music in the Carnegie Building in Mankato. I began lessons in February, 1986, My first teacher was Anne Lindsay. My first lessons were learning to play the rhythm sticks. I gave my first recital using the rhythm sticks in March at the Multi Church in Mankato. In April my parents purchased an upright piano and I began actual piano lessons with Ruth Greve. I gave several piano recitals at Mankato State University. I eventually changed piano teachers to Dale Haefner who has remained my current Suzuki School teacher.

Besides recitals I have played piano in kindergarten for a program on Norway. I played the piano for the Christmas program at Roosevelt Elementary School. I have also played the piano for community events such as a senior citizens program, a music teacher's conference, a YMCA Christmas Open House and for Halloween. The Halloween one was interesting as I played while dressed up as a witch. This past Christmas I played the piano at two senior citizen Christmas parties. In 1995 I played the piano at a wedding. Sometimes I get paid to play. Other times I just volunteer.

An article about me and my music and computer skills was written about in the Mankato Free Press in September of 1995. The news paper reporter, Brian Ojanpa came to interview me at the Suzuki School of Music during one of my piano lessons.

I have always had perfect pitch and have been able to play by ear. since the age of four I have been able to read printed music by holding it close to my face. I have always had to study the printed music and memorize the notes as I have not been able to read the notes at the same time as I play the piano. I have composed many of my own songs. I have developed a huge interest in computerized music. I began using a software program called the Music Construction Set which allowed me to enter my own compositions as well as other songs into the computer note by note from the music playing in my head. I have since advanced to some more technical computerized music programs.

I have known for a long time that music will always be an important part of my life. I hope to someday have a career that incorporates my skills in music and computers.

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