Chapter 7
The Scientist Side of Flint Million

I HAVE always enjoyed the field of science. I am inquisitive by nature and I always want to know how things work and why things happen the way they do. Therefore, it was only natural that I would choose to participate in the school science fair.

My first science fair project involved creating a salt crystal formation. I was in third grade at the time. My mom helped me with getting all the ingredients and following all the steps. We started with just some pieces of black coal and ended up with very colorful crystal shapes. I created all the signs for the poster board on my computer.

In fourth grade I did a project on holograms. I used a lamp and different colored filters to determine which color allowed for the best holographic patterns. Again I used my computer to design the poster board.

My fifth grade project was really interesting. My mom gave me the idea. She is a stamp collector. In order to get cancelled stamps removed from envelopes my mom soaks the envelopes in water and the stamps float off. However, whenever she soaked envelopes that were green or red the dye would stain the stamps. I added different additives to the water such as salt, sugar, boric acid, aspirins etc. to see what would eliminate the staining. Of course I used my computer for the poster board signs.

For sixth grade I chose a project that could help blind people. Many people with visual impairments like to use dark black pens when they write letters. Some of these black pens write too thick or bled through the paper. I purchased about 20 different pens and used a sample page written with each pen. I surveyed both blind and sighted people to determine which pen or pens would be the best for blind people to use. As always I used my computer to make up signs for the poster board.

Unfortunately, when I attended Dakota Meadows Middle School I was not able to continue with my science fair participation. I was not given the information in time to sign up for the seventh or eighth grade science fairs. Hopefully I will be able to resume my participation when I attend West High School.

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