Chapter 18
A Dream Come True

I AM not your average computer user. Of course, I'm always looking for the best in new technologies. To this point I've been stuck with a laptop without advanced graphics, CD-ROM, and with such a small hard drive.

It was a typical day at Radio Shack in River Hills Mall. I was, as usual, checking out the newest computers. They had sound, good CD-ROM, and very good graphics systems.

Then my mom noticed the sale on the computers. "No interest," it said, "for one year. Computer price reduced from $2699 to $2199."

Later that week we were discussing what the computer might be used for. I got all the specifications, such as the size of the hard drive, the speed of the CD, the actual graphics capability, and everything else about it. I asked several questions to find out if the computer would do what I needed it to.

Eventually we decided to get the computer.

The only problem was getting it to the house. The store I was in was out of the model we needed. They located one in another store. It was supposed to be shipped to our house but instead it got shipped to the River Hills Mall.

It was the Wednesday of the last week of 7th grade. When I got home from school, a large box sat outside the front door. It had a computer in it.

I had piano lessons every Wednesday. But since I didn't have to leave until later in the afternoon I got the box into the house and set up the computer.

It was quite amazing how fast I did it. It took about 20 minutes to get it out of the box and onto the desk and running.

Then it was time to go to piano lesson. It was a little difficult to concentrate.

I got home quick. I ate quick too. The next thing I did was turn on the computer.

It was quite amazing at first - the things it could do! It took about 20 minutes to set itself up. Then it gave me the system demo.

I don't like system demos. I usually have to work pretty hard to get them to quit coming up every time I turn the computer on. But I do it.

Then I transferred all the files from the laptop computer to the new one.

But, by now, it all seems normal, not amazing. Every day I get home from school, take my homework downstairs, put a music CD in the computer, turn on the special graphics that make the print easier to read, and get to work.

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