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Many of the songs on my later CDs (Holiday Wishes, Love from the Heart) contain songs made via a process called multitrack recording and mixing. This process involves recording each track of music separately and then performing a "down mix" to mix all of the tracks together. For example, the string background will have its own track, the bass notes will have their own track, the lead piano, the guitar, and the flutes will all have their own track, etc.etc.etc...

To pose an example, here is a piano track for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." (This is a WAV file and should be playable within most browsers.) Piano (124K wav).

Now we'll add a strings track that sounds like this: Strings (122K wav)

And finally, we'll add a bass track that sounds like: Bass (118K wav)

When we mix these three tracks together, we get this sound: Mix Down (122K wav)

Basically that's the process. Each track must be recorded separately and played on the keyboard. When done, all the tracks will be mixed together by the computer software. And finally, the final sound will be recorded for CD mastering, and then burned to CD for you to hear!

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