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Love from the Heart

Number of Tracks: 8
Length: 26 Minutes
Date Recorded: February 10, 2001

Trying to think of the perfect Valentine's Day gift for 2001, I came up with the idea of making a CD of love music. Since I like Disney films and music, I decided to perform several Disney love songs onto a specially-made red-bottomed CD that I ordered from a special manufacturer. It seemed to impress a lot of people. ;-) Again, this CD contains a large number of multitrack mixes. See the page (link is on the main CD index) about multitrack mixing to learn more about how I do it.

Track List
Any hyperlinked song titles in the track list can be sampled. The samples are in MP3 music format. For playing MP3s, Winamp is a good player for Windows users, and the Quicktime Player by Apple is a good program for Macintosh computers.

  1. Somewhere Out There, 3:59
  2. Beauty & the Beast, 2:52
  3. Somewhere Out There (Piano Solo), 3:56
  4. A Whole New World, 2:43
  5. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Piano Solo), 3:17
  6. Colors of the Wind, 3:51
  7. A Whole New World (Piano Solo), 2:46
  8. Part of Your World (short version), 2:18

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