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System Troubles... On the morning of December 22nd, my server was brutally attacked by an outside hacker, bringing down the entire network. The version of the Apache web server I had been running apparently had a security issue in which the correct commands could cause it to run any command desired by an outside hacker on my system. Luckily, no data was lost in the attack. After a long repair and restore process, everything seems to be working again. In the process, I have updated the web server to the latest version and some features may be different or nonexistant. If you see any problems as you browse these pages, let me know via Email. Thank you!

Mail Server is working again. I have been able to get my mail system back online. You can now E-mail me again at fmillion@themillionweb.com. Please note, however, that the old domain, millions.linux-site.net, does not accept E-mail anymore. You must use themillionweb.com when E-mailing.

Moving in for good... The AOL site, previously located at http://members.aol.com/dmillion/web, is now down for good. My web site no longer will appear at that address.

Guest Book! I installed a new Guest Book program on the server. Please feel free to drop by and leave me your comments! Click here for the guestbook.

My Email address is: fmillion@themillionweb.com
Note: The above Email address link points to my new private Email server If that address won't work or if messages are bounced back to you, send mail to this address (fmillion@yahoo.com), which is my Yahoo address. Thanks again for helping me test my servers!

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The Essential Oil Company
to visit my cousin's oil company! You can read about him in My Autobiography.

Check out Sandy Oppegard's web page, Rural Ramblings! She is one of my mom's co-workers and she has used one of my MIDI files as her background music - check it out!

Visit my college's home page. I am currently attending South Central Technical College in North Mankato, MN with a major in Microcomputer Support and Computer Network Administration.

Linux!! If you're technically inclined, and haven't already done so, take a look at Linux. It's my system of choice for any type of server (themillionweb.com is a Linux server) - and it's free for download and unlimited use! It's also more crash-proof than any Windows OS, but don't get me started on that subject. ;-) (This is one of thousands of Linux sites available on the 'Net - just do a search with your favorite search engine to learn more.)

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