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I was featured in the local Mankato news on June 5, 2002 in a story about volunteers who help the area schools with computer work. To download the short (1:00) clip, click the links below:

Mac users:
  • Normal quality, Apple QuickTime format (3.7MB)
  • High quality, Apple QuickTime format (10.4MB)
    Windows users
  • Normal quality, Video for Windows format (2.6MB)
  • High quality, Video for Windows format (12.8MB)

    Notes: Windows files are in .AVI format and should play without problems on any computer running Windows 95 or later. Macintosh files are in QuickTime .MOV format and should play without problems on any Mac with Mac OS 7.5.5 and Quicktime 3 or later. The formats, however, can be quite interchangeable; a Mac with a new version of QuickTime can play .AVI files, and a PC with a newer version of Windows Media Player can play .MOV files. Try different formats if you have trouble.

    Please read... I am on a residential ADSL line with only a limited amount of upstream bandwidth. In other words, don't expect blazing speeds while you download these clips, and please do not try to stream them - my connection will not be able to keep up! To download, Control-click (or right click) on the link and choose a place to save the file on your hard drive.

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