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A Christmas Gift from Me to You

Number of Tracks: 7
Length: 18 Minutes
Date Recorded: December 16, 2001

Last year's Christmas CD, Holiday Wishes, was enjoyed by many of my family and friends. I decided to create a new CD for the 2001 holiday season with a few new songs and mixes.

Nearly all of the songs on this CD are multitrack mixes. See my Multitrack Mixing Description page (a link is on the main CD index page) for details as to how this is done. Those songs that have an asterisk following their names in the track list are piano solos and not multitrack mixes.

Track List
Any hyperlinked song titles in the track list can be sampled. The samples are in MP3 music format. For playing MP3s, Winamp is a good player for Windows users, and the Quicktime Player by Apple is a good program for Macintosh computers.

  1. Silent Night, 2:42
  2. Up on the Housetop, 1:36
  3. Sleigh Ride, 1:35
  4. O Christmas Tree, 3:16
  5. Santa Claus is Coming to Town, 2:40
  6. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, 2:17
  7. The Christmas Song (piano solo), 3:42


I will distribute copies of this CD to anybody who would like them. The cost per CD is $5.00 (plus $1.00 shipping if shipping is required.) Payment must be received in advance. If you'd like to arrange an order, drop me an E-mail at: dmillion@aol.com!

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