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Welcome to the web site of Freedom Games, a series of accessible games made for the blind, by the blind!


15th July 2013: Freedom Jeopardy's test release is nearly finished! Some last-minute code cleanup and bugchecks have to be looked over, and then a test release will be ready for distribution!

To prevent this release from becoming too widespread, I am doing this as a "semi-closed" test. This doesn't mean that you have to do anything special; it just means I won't be posting the actual program here on the website. All you need to do is send me an Email if you're interested in testing, and I'll get back to you as soon as a test release is ready.

I chose to do this for two reasons. Firstly, pre-release test software is bound to have bugs and problems, and I want to keep the hugely redundant "it crashed!" reports to a minimum. Secondly, my pre-release programs have a lot of "hidden" debugging features which I can help you use to give me more useful feedback than simply "it crashes." Therefore I'd like to be more directly involved with people doing testing, so that together we can make this the BEST app it can be!

My email is:

7th May 2013: Update! Thanks to all who have Emailed or contacted me in some way lately. Even if I haven't had a chance to answer you personally, I've been reading your feedback and appreciate it very much! Let me address some of the most common questions:

Mobile Games: At this particular moment, mobile games are not in my immediate plans. However, that's not to say that it's not something I'm definitely interested in! I plan on studying iOS and Android coding in an upcoming college course and research project, so don't give up - there's certainly a good possibility of some mobile games in the future!

Oregon Trail: Many of you were really excited about the prospect of an Oregon Trail clone ages ago. Sadly, this project never really took off, and it was basically abandoned. All that was ever completed was a not-so-playable demo and some basic simulation code - no weather, disasters, river floods, or anything of that nature had been completed. That being said... My focus right now is on developing my new game APIs and getting a new version of Millionaire, Jeopardy, and maybe (wink) Wheel of Fortune out. Once this is done, I'll definitely be looking at more games to write, and Oregon Trail is high on my list of projects to revisit. So, stay tuned!

Cross-Platform compatibility: YES! The games I am writing now WILL be playable on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on both x86 and ARM platforms. Yes, this means you will be able to play these games on a Raspberry Pi! I'm also considering a textmode version of Millionaire and Jeopardy for Speakup screen reader users on Linux (don't worry, the sounds will all be intact, just the way you interact with the app will differ.) As a coder raised on DOS, the command line and I are good friends, so many of the development steps are done at the command line, meaning a command line playable game is very easy to write! Again, keep watch here, and all will be revealed soon.

Right now, my APIs are nearly finished. Using open source libraries and tools I've been able to come up with a nice cross-platform game API of my very own, enabling me to write and produce games quickly. In the next few weeks, a demo of this API in a simple app will be announced. Things are about to get exciting!

Stay tuned!

8th April 2013: Welcome Back! After many years of silence, Freedom Games is finally making a comeback! My games are being updated and re-coded using the latest programming languages and tools, to enable more powerful, more immersive and more fun games for the blind!

Currently, there are two major projects underway: the first is updating Freedom Millionaire to version 2.0, which will implement new features (including addition of the two new lifelines introduced later in the show), update the sound engine, and standardize the question data format to XML which will allow anyone to easily produce question banks for the game!

Secondly, Freedom Jeopardy! is on the way! This version of the popular TV game show will feature actual questions and answers from the real show. Initially, AI players will be implemented, however the ability to play against others via services such as Twitter is also being considered! (If you are interested in a feature like this, please don't hesitate to let me know!)

As always, these games will continue to be available for free!

Watch this space for details as development progresses. Pre-release versions and beta versions will, as usual, be made available for testing, and as always, I gratefully accept data (questions, clues, etc.) and suggestions from anyone who is interested!

For now, this web page will continue to host the existing versions of Freedom Games which have been available up until this point. However, keep an "eye" on this page (or maybe a bookmark?) and watch for updates!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or would like to submit quiz data of any kind, please feel free to Email me:

The following games are available on this website:

Old News

10th July 2005: Freedom Millionaire Update! The Freedom Millionaire software has been updated to version 1.5! This exciting new release includes a major overhaul in the sound system. It is now possible to assign any sound to any event in the entire game save for the splash screen, all through a simple configuration file! To illustrate the power of this amazing new sound system, we're also releasing a "Pro" question set: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trivia, complete with an amazing soundtrack! Download them on the Freedom Millionaire Web Page!

New! Submit questions for Freedom Millionaire via the web! Go to the Freedom Millionaire Submission Form!

Important Information

Games on this site (except for Freedom Millionaire) are presently being distributed as pre-release software. This means that the games are not yet finished and are likely to have bugs. The programs should not harm your computer in any way, however use of these programs is unsupported. If you do find bugs in program operation, please let me know so they can be corrected in a future release.

Game Submissions: If you want to submit data for games (e.g. trivia questions for Who Wants to be a Millionaire, phrases for Wheel of Fortune, etc.) you may do so by E-mailing your submission to You can choose to either type your information directly into the message, or to attach it as a text, RTF, or Word document. Please see the details about submissions that accompany each game. I also will accept ideas for new games to program, however the programming of new games may be limited by my own programming skills and by time.

Special Thanks: Thanks go out to everyone who's submitted material for the games, and who have continued to be loyal players even during my absence. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Game Support

This section contains items that may be needed in certain situations to solve certain problems.

"Runtime Error 430" Problem

If you try running Freedom Games and are getting an error such as "Runtime Error 430: Class does not support automation or the expected interface..." then you need to perform a few updates. This is a known issue for windows 98 or Windows 98 SE. (It may or may not be an issue under Windows ME, but I've heard no such cases so far.)

To update, first download and install the latest version of Microsoft Data Access Components. The latest version of MDAC is version 2.8.

After updating MDAC, you need to ensure you're running Internet Explorer 6. To do this, either load up Windows Update and install all critical updates, or go straight to Microsoft's Internet Explorer Home Page and download and install Internet Explorer 6.

After doing these updates, you should be able to run the game.

By the way, running windows Update periodically isn't a bad idea. It will ensure your computer is kept more secure and that fewer software compatibility issues will arise.

Additional Files

This section contains various miscellaneous files for Freedom Games. If for any reason you need any of these files, they're here for you to download.

Freedom Millionaire Past Question Updates. If for some reason you need past update files for Freedom Millionaire's question bank, they are here. Note that you only need to download the latest question update to update your question library.

Download Sample Question Update 5.1 for Freedom Millionaire (65K self-extracting file)
Download Sample Question Update 5.0 for Freedom Millionaire (65K self-extracting file)
Download Sample Question Update 4.0 for Freedom Millionaire (61K Self-Extracting File)
Download Sample Question Update 3.0 for Freedom Millionaire (58K Self-Extracting File)
Download Sample Question Update 2.0 for Freedom Millionaire (56K Self-Extracting File)

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