Freedom Wheel of Fortune

Freedom Wheel of Fortune is an accessible version of the classic TV game show Wheel of Fortune! Complete with sound effects, vowel buying, Bankrupt, and much more, it will provide you with hours of enjoyment!


WHAT'S GOING ON!! A lot of people have been wondering why there have been no updates to Freedom Wheel. Is the project dead? Is this dude just being stupid and not updating it?? Rest assured, development on Wheel has not stopped and there will be a new release out soon! I'm currently working on an Internet play system that will be a drop-in module for any new Freedom Game, which will speed development in the end but takes a long time to do initially. Also, I'm moving to a new coding language - C# - which will allow me to code much more robust applications than the old VB6 environment did. It is going to take me some time, but once we're there, there'll be some real exciting new games! There will be an update posted as soon as it is ready so do not despair and keep checking back! Thanks for your continued support!


Download Freedom Wheel of Fortune version 0.4 (1.6MB Setup File)

Additional Information

Submissions: If you want to submit more phrases for Wheel of Fortune, you can do so by E-mailing them to the E-mail address noted above. When you submit, please categorize your phrases (e.g. Thing, Place, Person, etc) and be sure to spell-check before you send!

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